Affilation Number: 2132018
Email ID:
Phone Number: +91-9997666012
Affilation with the board since: 2014
Address: 6km. Delhi Road (Chunehti)
Saharanpur (UP)
Prefects :

To Promote qualities of leadership self reliance and co-operation among the students. The school house captains are the senior most students. 
He / She is assisted by a group of prefects for discipline, academic, cultural, sports, cleanliness, hospitality related duties by each house. 

The students work in co-ordination under various designation to make the system a success and learn how to work with a team.

To inculcate a administrative qualities in the students a council has been formulated consisting of school captain, vice captain, house captain and all the prefects. They shoulder various responsibilities assigned to them to run the activities smoothly.